Frequently Asked Questions

My topic of interest is not on your scheduled programs, can you help?
Yes we can include other topics not listed
I need a 1 day training ?
Yes we do provide 1 day sessions.
I need a two weeks or more customized training?
Yes we provide customized extenders at your preferred destination globally.
Can I combine modules from various programs?
Yes modules from various programs can be combined to meet your specific requirements.
We need your training at our workplace or venue of choice?
Yes we come to where you are.
Who has attended from my organization, country in the past?
Provide organization and country and we will provide details of participants.
Can I have a reference of past attendees?
Always available on request
Any other matters?
Submit any other matters of interest training or non-training we are here to assist.
What are my payment options ?
Bank transfers ,credit card ,cash deposits.
I have attended a number of your courses but still need to excel ,what are the option?
We are able to advise by understanding your job specifications and professional requirements and target ambitions.
Can you customize courses to meet our regional requirements?
We realize that our courses may not always meet each individuals specific needs and our experienced facilitators are able to tailor courses to meet your needs. 12.What quality of accommodation is this and what are the alternatives. We don’t compromise on the quality of accommodation for participants and may provide cheaper alternatives without recommendation.
What level of attendance is required?
There is no specific requirement to attend our programs as long as one is over 18 and can benefit ,we take students ,professors , all staff employees, managers ,Directors Provided the aim is to develop by training.
Do you provide accessible facilities for all?
We are aware that our participants may be physically challenged in one way or another and therefore all facilities contracted make provision for all.
Can we choose a venue of our choice?
Yes anywhere on the globe and we will be there.
Can you place us in direct contact with our suppliers /customers at an exhibition summit?
We have through our summits brought target audiences to network at events in which they are able to exploit their opportunities to do business with required target markets.
We would like to market our product to a specific audience during specific sessions?
Yes we have sponsorship slots for you to market your services to a captive audience.
What is the dress code?
We have no strict dress code as long as you are comfortable you can wear it.
Who will be there?
We from time to time have personalities of influence and can arrange for you to meet specific individuals depending on their availability.
Can I make a presentation?
Yes you can ,please submit your topics of interest and our producers will liaise with you.
The dates are not suitable can I participate via satellite link/video conferencing ?
Yes we arrange distant participation to our training's.
Can I have your course material documentation pack for particular program?
Yes these are always available at a fee with a strict copyright restriction for unauthorized distribution and reproduction.
Who else can attend?
Anyone can attend.
Can we customize or change our tour options.
Yes our experience shows that individuals may need to vary their preferred sights and we can make changes as long as we are notified in time.
We have an internal challenge ,can you assist?
Yes we try our best and if we can’t we will refer you to someone who can.
We need qualified staff to recruit in a specific work area?
Yes we can assist .
I need to start from the basics, foundation?
We provide training at different levels suitable to your needs.
English is not my first language can you interpret or do you have translators?
We have interpretations ,translators , in French ,Portuguese and Spanish and can extend your request to other languages too.
I am lacking in a specific area ,how can you assist?
We are able to assess and advise accordingly through our experienced facilitators
My job is quiet unique ,do you provide training?
If it is out there we will find the required training.
I prefer a blend of old school practices and modern updates, can you mix?
Yes we can
My current affairs is well informed can I improve?
This is not a hindrance and can be overcome
I have long professional work experience with limited academic background ,how can I consolidate my position?
Our expert facilitators can recommend steps to balance your experience and academic background
I am overqualified with limited work experience ?
Always the case with extended graduates ,we can advise.
I have lost all self-confidence, I need that punch to jumpstart and get motivated again?
From time to time individuals become lowered by different work and personal experiences and we have just the motivators to bring the best out of you.
I am an excellent professional at work but my social life is at its lowest, how do I balance?
Our facilitators can provide a lasting well balanced work life schedule to manage and balance both.
I need to be more assertive?
We can help.
My social life is great but my corporate side is an on-going struggle?
We can assist with more detail.
I can’t embrace change?
Most individuals struggle to embrace change but with the right therapy this can be overcome.
Can you customize to our culture/religion?
Yes we non-restricted and customize to meet the training needs of particular culture country race or creed.
Travel and tourism training?
We see travelling as a big part of our training and we provide combinations of our training and travel to various destinations of preference.
I want to space out my training and have more comprehensive facilitation.
Yes we offer flexi plans that ensure that whilst you have the required flexibility your training needs are met.
I need flexi-training combined with my vacation.
Yes we provide required and suitable flexi-training options.